My 30,000 word novellas were the first to be published from 2007 onwards by Thomson of Dundee for their pocket novel series. They were ‘Chance Encounter’, ‘Lesson in Love’ and ‘Love will find a Way’. Thorpe Publishers subsequently accepted those three for publication in large print for their Linford Romance series which are sold to libraries throughout the UK, Australia, New Zealand and many other English-speaking countries.


My first full-length novel, ‘Relative Strangers’ was published in 2010. The book launch was held at the beautiful Baildon Hall situated in my village. The event was a resounding success and, not only did we have far more guests than we anticipated, we ran completely out of books too!


Both my novellas and mainstream novels are written under the romance genre but I use different formulae. The novellas are described as ‘chaste’ or ‘sweet’ romance, involving nothing more than kissing and certainly ‘nothing below the waist’, whereas for my mainstream novels I have adopted an open-minded approach, the narrative and the dialogue aimed at a more modern, younger readership. This was the start. I now have 3 published novellas and 9 published novels, some as E-Books only, some both Paperback and E-Book.


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                                 My Titles


SWEET CAROLINE - Paperback and ebook

Two babies, Caroline, daughter of working class parents, Jack and Maureen who struggle on the breadline, and William, son of comfortably affluent Charles and Helen, are born within days of each other. Eighteen years later a chance encounter brings them together. But following a series of malicious interventions and misunderstandings, Caroline decides to steer clear and it seems any future relationship is set to fail.


‘Sweet Caroline’ is the sequel to ‘Helen’s Tomorrow’ in the Ravel series.


OUT NOW and available through Magna Audio version read by Nicolette McKenzie, and large print version. Both available in libraries

HELEN'S TOMORROW - Paperback and E-Book

A story of rejection, manipulation, jealousy and pride, the first I

n a series set in Yorkshire in the 1940s/50s. Helen, daughter of

middle-class mill owners, defies her mother when she marries

'beneath her'. But when tragedy strikes she is left widowed and penniless. Determined not to accept charity from her remorseful mother, Helen returns to her job in antiques. But she is not prepared for the spiteful ways of her scheming sister, Laura, or the unwanted attention of conniving, greedy mill-hand, Jack. During a visit to a London exhibition, Helen's hopes and dreams are shattered. After a traumatic incident she unexpectedly meets surgeon, Charles Ravel. What will tomorrow hold for Helen? Will her problems multiply? Can the broken family bonds and estranged relationships be restored?

TILL THE END OF TIME - Paperback & E-Book

1939. In Sydney, Australia teenager, Cathy lives happily with her

family, oblivious to the onset of WWII in Europe. In England, young

Tom, devastated when his mother leaves the family home in Leeds,

is determined to enlist as soon as he is of age. When, in 1941 he joins

the Royal Navy, he is sent to the Far East on an important mission

and, after months rescuing airmen shot down from the skies, his

ship sails south to Sydney. In a popular ballroom there Tom meets

dance teacher, Cathy with whom he falls desperately in love and it

soon becomes obvious that they are destined to be together. But

what are their chances of keeping their romance alive when it is

inevitable that, once the war is over, Tom must sail back to England

with the rest of the crew? Will Cathy agree to follow him? Only time

will tell. 

OFF THE EDGE - Paperback & E-Book

15-year-old kitchen maid, Emily, abused by the son of the lord

of the manor is falsely accused of theft. Her ordeal begins when,

as a ‘convict’, she is transported in 1787 to new colony, Australia

as one of the first settlers striving to establish a new life there.

She struggles to survive amongst thieves and prostitutes, and in

the face of male brutality she demonstrates her bravery, resilience

and caring nature towards her closest friends. The story embraces

a developing love between Emily and Royal Marine, Jimmy. But

Emily, a convicted felon is aware of her inferior status and faces a 

dilemma in accepting his love. There is a thought-provoking glimpse at the lives of the poor during the 18th century and the situation

many of them faced when, out of desperation, they slipped ‘off the edge’ of poverty into crime. It reveals the fear of 18th century

mariners who believed a ship reaching the Southern Ocean would be at the bottom of the world where they would topple ‘off the edge’ into oblivion.





Nursing sister, Rosie's future is mapped out. But when Sam

appears on the scene complications arise! They meet in

unusual circumstances when Rosie is on her way home from 

a night shift. She comes across road accident victim Sam. When she

later visits him at the hospital she is amazed he recognises her.

They strike up a relationship and Rosie realises she is falling in

love with him. Meanwhile several strange incidents occur and it

seems clear to Rosie that someone is determined to shatter her relationship with Sam. Events become even more sinister and when Rosie decides she must stop seeing Sam, their future together appears bleak. But Sam is determined to find a way. Will they eventually discover the identity of the culprit and, in the end, can the powers of

destiny be challenged?   


When Sophie's fiancé cancels their wedding, she leaves for Spain to get away from it all. After wrongly accusing stranger, Matt of taking her suitcase at the airport, she is embarrassed to find he is staying at the same hotel. She finds herself falling in love with him but after a series of mysterious encounters, she is filled with doubts. To add to her confusion she suspects Matt is seeing someone else, and she tries to convince herself  they are just good friends. What was intended to be a quiet break for Sophie is turning into a web of intrigue. What about the package? Who does it belong to and why was it placed in her suitcase? Can true romance be on the cards for Sophie and Matt after all that is happening around them? 


Attractive widow, Carol convinces herself she is not looking for roanceomance. But when she meets Paul in France she feels a glow of warmth and she is drawn to him. She tries to suppress her emotions but when she leaves for England she realises she won't see Paul again and a little sadness lingers in her heart. Imagine her surprise and delight when she turns up at her art class and discovers Paul is the new tutor. But  she is wary, and suspects Paul already has a partner.

When Simon introduces himself at the local health club and invites her out, at first she is hesitant, but she relents and he wines and dines her a swish restaurant. She soon realises things are not what they appear and she innocently becomes involved in a dangerous and sinister scam. Will she escape the consequences, and will she acknowledge her true love? Who will she turn to in the end, Paul or Simon?  


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