After a failed relationship with a jealous and possessive partner, ski rep, Lucy, leaves the Swiss Alps and moves to the Italian resort of Sella Bianca. Whilst skiing the mountain she is taken off guard and almost loses her balance when surgeon Roberto Vittalini, descending at high speed, almost collides with her. Brought to a standstill Lucy, temporarily ‘off’ men and now fiercely independent, is furious. She vows to reprimand the guy if she sets eyes on him. But, much to her annoyance, when they do meet she is irrevocably drawn to him. This is the start of a relationship tantalisingly fraught with obstacles, some resulting from bizarre incidents on the slopes. Can Lucy trust Rob or any of her fellow skiers? And will romance survive this catalogue of intrigue and suspense?


Caught in a rip tide, Brooke is rescued from the sea by handsome lifeguard, Pierce. He makes such an impact she loses her heart to him and, after a whirlwind holiday romance, he promises to keep in touch. But as time goes by without contact, Brooke concludes it was nothing but infatuation. Ten years on and with a new appointment as anaesthetist at Grosvenor Clinic she settles comfortably into a nearby cottage. To her surprise she discovers not only is Pierce her new neighbour he is also  consultant orthopaedic surgeon at the clinic. Totally stunned she recalls the bliss she felt all those years ago, but when she meets the pregnant woman sharing his cottage and notices Pierce wears a wedding ring, she is totally disillusioned. Despite her emotions, she recognises the warning signals and realises letting him close could re-ignite the fire. She is determined to steer clear of him. But it seems Pierce has other ideas….


Overcome with disbelief and anger when she learns of her husband’s grubby little affair, Sandra realises she is about to be replaced by a ‘younger model’, ousted by the scheming Roxy. But common-sense prevails. The sooner she is rid of her cheating husband, Mike, the better. Her marriage over, she is determined to start afresh and establish a new beginning. When she embarks on a Caribbean cruise the handsome ship’s doctor, Giorgio Rossini comes into her life, unsteadying her. But her thoughts are in chaos when she sees the way he is with young nurse, Mariela and, unsure of their relationship, Sandra becomes guarded. Her feelings blow hot and cold, vacillating from positive to negative. Will she falter and give in to temptation or will she remain strong and maintain her resolve? 


Madison is anxious to unravel past events after suffering traumatic amnesia after a car accident. When handsome Frenchman, Jacques turns up on her doorstep claiming to be her fiancé, she becomes desperate to recover her memory. She can either accept his word or send him packing and, although he alleges she left him for another guy, he says he still loves her and is determined to discover the other guy’s identity. But Madison refuses to believe she would two-time him. With  encouragement  she accepts his invitation to holiday on an exotic Greek island. He promises not to refer to past issues until her memory is restored, but on the island events overtake her and the mystery deepens. The story tells of her doubts and fears which often conflict with Jacques’ enduring pride.  Is there another guy and, if so, how is he involved?

RELATIVE STRANGERS - Paperback & E-Book 

'Momentarily she froze and sent up a silent plea. Please don't let them take my baby! The words seared through her mind as the officer approached.'   This multi-stranded story of desertion, sexual attraction and biological intrigue touches upon complex emotive and personal issues, and is driven by the love that prevails throughout. In the quest for Danielle's true identity, the past is unlocked and secret evidence is unravelled exposing the lives of those involved. Relationships are not what they appear and the ghosts of the past crowd in to haunt. With new leads to follow, a hunt against the clock takes the investigator back nineteen years in an intensive search throughout England and Australia.

‘would make a cracking TV drama.’ Bradford Telegraph & Argus

‘…although written by a real-life Yorkshire lass, the story belongs in Hollywood…’ Wakefield Express

‘A fast-paced story that will have you gripped.’ Yorkshire Gazette & Herald'


She is gorgeous but aloof, and he is handsome yet overfamiliar. An impromptu meeting en route to Australia brings them together, but will the oceans keep them apart?

After a mishap at Heathrow Airport, Lauren decides to avoid Tom during the journey, but on their stopover in Singapore events take a turn for the worse leading to embarrassing consequences. Once in Sydney Lauren visits her parents whilst Tom is forced to make a hasty return to his stud farm in Queensland. Anxious to keep in touch with Lauren, he makes an all-out effort to find her contact details. But will Lauren succumb and agree to meet up with him again? And what of the outcome? Despite living miles apart will the power of love force her to change her resolve and eventually accept him as her soul mate? 


FUTILE GLORY by S L Heaton - E-Book

Determined to see some action, Nick turns his back on a career in medicine and signs up with the Royal Engineers. Pat, brought up in Belfast during the conflict and a sergeant with the regiment, lives and breathes the army. The two form a lasting friendship. They discover a land ravaged by death and destruction in the Middle East. In a brave struggle to survive the conflict and stay one step ahead to stay alive, they strive to outmanoeuvre the enemy, a band of merciless killers who deviously eliminate anyone in their path. What seemed so far away and intangible back home becomes reality as they encounter the real obscenities and violence of war. Along the way they face anguish and anxiety, suffering physically and mentally and knowing, to their cost, that bravery doesn’t come cheap. But what of the women in their lives? How will they cope in times of despair? How will they react to adversity?